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  1. against nature

    • ph.
      違反自然的, 不合情理的, 不道德的
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    • 麻煩幫我把這三句話翻成英文

      ...是:違反本性 ) It is against human nature not to be selfish. 刺青版:Against nature to be unselfish. 識時務者為俊傑 A true hero knows when to fight and...

    • 誰能幫忙找這首詩的賞析?

      ... surroundings. Although the eagle is alone and small against nature, its majestic stereotype is maintained by the placement of the bird...

    • 幾句英文的翻譯,麻煩校正~

      ...05 10:27:10 補充: but that's very extraordinaRy. it seems against nature. (你把R打成T囉) 我覺得你翻得也還OK啊 我自己是翻這樣...