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  1. agency

    • IPA[ˈeɪdʒənsi]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:agencies

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 代理機構 to get sb. through an agency 通過中介找到某人 ‘no agencies’ “謝絕中介”
    • 2. 代理 to have the sole agency for 是…的獨家代理
    • 3. 專門機構
    • 4. 介入 by or through the agency of sb. 通過某人從中斡旋
    • 5. 作用 by the agency of erosion 在侵蝕的作用下


    1. a business or organization providing a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group

    2. action or intervention producing a particular effect

  2. 知識+

    • 什麼是sense of agency?

      agency n. 1. 代辦處,經銷處,代理機構[C] Our company has agencies in major cities of the country. 我們公司在國內主要城市都設有代理機構...

    • agency, agent, distributor的差別

      agency 是指代理權 agent 是代理商, 常會看到 sole agent 的寫法, 指的是"唯一代理...the sole agent for brand(某種產牌) in this place(or this country). I have the agency to sell this product for I am its agent here. I have some...

    • Bureau跟Agency的差別? 請參考上述連結的 Government agencies in the United ...是什麼都可以一對一的比較喔。 2009-01-15 21:22:09 補充: