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  1. agree on

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      就...取得一致意見, 商定
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    • 1. 就...取得一致意見, 商定 We are all agreed on finding the accused man innocent. 我們大家一致認為被告無罪。


    就...取得一致意見, 商定


    「就...取得一致意見, 商定」的反義字

  2. 知識+

    • 該怎樣使用agree about /with/on

      ...alone. => I agreed to pick her up at the bus station. (3) Agree on (something): to come to an understanding of => They have agreed...

    • not everyone agrees on who to

      ...嚴謹的寫法應該是: Tell us about tipping. Not everyone agrees on who to tip. 跟我們說說給小費的事吧。 不是每個人都同意該給誰小費。 文法...

    • We have agreed on 解釋?

      1.We have agreed on the ordering conditions we have discussed so far. 對於到...取消訂單的條件"也不錯 3.We would like to finish our discussion on the ordering conditions. 有關訂貨條件的討論就到此為止了。 4...