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  1. agree to differ

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      承認有分歧; 同意彼此保留不同意見(尤用於為避免進一步爭論)
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    • 1. 承認有分歧; 同意彼此保留不同意見(尤用於為避免進一步爭論) We must agree to differ on this. 我們得承認在這一問題上有分歧。
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    • 「ㄧ個中國,各自表述」的英文翻譯 There is only one China, but with different interpretations of what that China is. (Taiwan...

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      ...我不認同你的想法" 的翻譯應 (Polite Way ) I beg to differ. (Argumentative way) I don't agree with you. (Argumentative Way or Just A ...

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      ...想法是從哪裡來的=我不是很認同) Allow me to differ On the other hand Our opinions seem to clash drastically I'm sorry I fail to agree with You'll find no mileage there You can't go...