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  1. agreeing

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    • 該怎樣使用agree about /with/on

      2) See (1) Agree with: (a) to have the same views with (someone), ...for (someone) => Spicy food does not agree with me. (2) Agree to (something, do something) (a) to consent to something => Do you agree to...

    • agree A to B

      agree A to B 請問版主是在哪裡看到這樣的片語...形式是錯誤的。 因為在作兩項人事物的相互關係組合時, agree是不及物動詞, 不會有「agree+名詞+to+名詞」這樣的結構...不少見, 但在數理科學的書冊中較多, 但在日常生活中「agree名詞to名詞」幾乎沒人這樣用, 而傾向用"

    • agree to 跟 agree with

      agree with: agree是不及物動詞,所以適用於agree with 人,觀點... ex. I agree with her point of...這樣有清楚 2009-11-18 00:17:25 補充: 在有些狀況下,agree to也可以當不及物動詞用,所以樓上的I agree to...