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  1. aim at
    • 1. 瞄準, 對準

      He aimed at the bird but missed. 他瞄準那隻鳥射擊, 可是沒打中。He aimed the gun at the door. 他把槍對準那扇門。The hunter aimed at the lion and fired. 獵人瞄準了獅子開火。
    • 2. 以...為目的; 針對

      This anti-smoking campaign is mainly aimed at young teenagers. 這場反吸菸運動主要是針對青少年的。What are you aiming at? 你的用意何在?We aim at doubling our production. 我們的目標是將生產增加一倍。
  2. 同義字

    瞄準, 對準
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    請幫忙翻譯分析The Council of Labor...

    ... yesterday announced approval of a bill 勞工局昨天宣布,通過一項法案 aimed at 其目標是 capping the ratio (of temporary employees at any ...


    ...用於修飾人時,要用主動的aiming;用於修飾事物時,要用aimed。 be aimed at 是片語用法,用於事物,意思是「旨在;針對;以xxx為目的」。 這兩題a ...


    1. aim at  針對The new rule aims at reducing the loss of accident.新...