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  1. air

    • KK[ɛr]
    • DJ[ɛə]


    • n.
      空氣;大氣[U];天空,空中[the S]
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 名詞複數:airs

    • 過去式:aired 過去分詞:aired 現在分詞:airing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 空氣;大氣[U] Better let in some fresh air. 最好放些新鮮空氣進來。
    • 2. 天空,空中[the S] The air was full of butterflies. 天空中飛舞著許許多多蝴蝶。
    • 3. 樣子,神態[C] He came into the room with an air of importance. 他帶著一副了不起的神情走進室內。
    • 4. 氣氛[C] There was an air of mystery in the house. 屋內有種神祕的氣氛。
    • 5. 做作的樣子[P] Don't give yourself airs. 別擺架子。
    • 6. 【音】主調;曲調[C] He whistled an air very softly to himself. 他自個兒用口哨輕輕地吹著一支曲子。
    • 7. 【罕】微風[C]


    • 1. The sheets were aired on the line. 床單都晾在繩上。
    • 2. 使通風 The room needs to be aired. 房內需要通風。
    • 3. 發表;炫耀 She spoke on the radio, airing her views to the nation. 她在電臺演說,向全國發表她的見解。
    • 4. 【美】廣播;播送 This program will be aired on CBS. 這一節目將由哥倫比亞廣播公司播出。


    • 1. You can leave your jacket out on the clothesline to air. 你可以把夾克留在繩上晾乾。
    • 2. 通風 Why don't you open the windows so that the room can air? 你為什麼不打開窗子讓房間通通風呢?