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  1. air battery


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    • 請高手幫我檢查商用英文文法~(六小句)

      ...under your control when without air compressor. Or When without air compressor, our tools, battery-operated, are strictly under your control. During this...

    • 請幫我翻一下英文

      ..., and vent the best (3cm) space More air flow.D security: confirmation free of any other dangerous items around.Pulling out the battery to charge the battery do not.Before charging the battery...

    • 汽車專業英文翻譯!

      1.檢查胎壓---於車子在無使用時檢查.而不是在一段長程駕駛後 2.檢查冷卻液 3.檢查雨刷及噴水系統 4.檢查空調系統管路是否正常 5.暖季來臨之前檢查空調系統 6.檢查煞車油是否足夠 7.簡查電瓶水是否足夠及電線接觸情況是否良好