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  1. air sucker


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    • (急)麻煩中翻英~~人工翻譯高手~不要翻譯軟體唷

      Sucker of strong power:Knob It is possible to make the alcove slab adsorbed firmly by paving the prolongation of power from ..drinking.. Cda and giving birth to the gravitation of powerful air rubber of the bottom. The function of this one can endure transporting work by using original for glass's...

    • 誰可以幫我將下面的文章英翻中

      難忘的行情從怪異的星期五(2003) 安娜(在Tess 的身體): 我無法與Ryan 結婚。Eww 。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tess (在安娜的身體): 我們會想與您談話對某事我們認為發生在我們身上在您的餐館。安娜(在Tess...