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  1. airs and graces

    • ph.
      an affectation of superiority
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    • 20點! 英文解題高手看這邊 92年學測英文配合題

      ...以下例句提供你參考 1.One should under no circumstances put on airs and graces. 不論在任何情況下都不該裝腔作勢。 2.We must under no circumstances...

    • 各位大大....幫我check一下英文作文!!~~

      ... when she became a super star, she did not give herself airs. So I like her very much. Second, she has a very beautiful face and a slim body. And she practices hard. No wonder she sings...

    • spin & twirl

      ... can add to the ideas of spin those of dexterity, lightness, or easy grace (this ... book ... I toss i' the air, and catch again, and twirl about -- Borwning)spin 意指繞著內軸做快速持續的轉動...