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    • KK[ɔl]
    • DJ[ɔ:l]


    • adj.
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    • n.
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    • 1. 一切的,所有的 Our aim is that all children complete secondary education. 我們的宗旨是讓所有孩子完成中等教育。
    • 2. 整個的,全部的 The strike paralyzed all Paris that day. 該日,罷工使整個巴黎陷於癱瘓。
    • 3. 盡量的,盡可能的 Lanny was all attention. 蘭尼全神貫注。


    • 1. 完全地;全然地 She is all in favor of my suggestion. 她完全贊同我的建議。
    • 2. 【口】很,極其 He was all excited. 他萬分激動。
    • 3. (與the+比較級連用)更加 She hated him all the more. 她更加恨他了。
    • 4. (比分等)雙方相等 The score is one all. 比分為一比一。


    • 1. 全體,一切,全部[G] I know that all is well with her. 我知道她一切都好。


    • 1. 所有一切;全部財產 John Brown gave his all in the struggle for freedom. 約翰‧布朗為爭取自由而獻出自己的一切。


    a. 全部的,全面的

    n. 整體,所有,全部

    ad. 所有地,統統地


    「a. 一切的;全部的」的反義字

    • pref
      表示完全,全部,全(如:an all-electric kitchen全部電氣化的廚房)
    • ph.
      安全的, (健康)良好的 She was ill for a month, but she's all right now. 她病了一個月, 但現在好了。
    • ph.
      到處, 各處 We looked all over for the ring. 我們到處找那隻指環。 I'm aching all over after the match. 比賽後我渾身疼痛。
    • ph.
      【美】【口】已結清, 已付訖; 已了結 My account is all square. 我的帳已經全部付清。 Let's call it all square, shall we? 咱們誰也不欠誰的了, 對吧?
    • ph.
      畢竟, 終究, 歸根結底 So you've come after all! 你到底還是來了! After all, what does it matter? 歸根結底, 那有什麼關係呢?
    • ph.
      成一整體, 合一 We don't have a separate dining-room -- the living area is all one. 我們沒有單獨的飯廳--活動空間都在一處。
    • ph.
      根本, 到底; 完全 It is not so much how much he did, the question is whether he works at all. 他做多少無關緊要, 問題在於他到底做了沒有。 She never laughed at all. 她從來不笑。
    • ph.
      【英】【口】繁忙的 It's all go in the office today. 今天辦公室裡忙得不可開交。
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    • IPA[ɔːl]



    • pron.
      全部 that's all 就這些了 to risk all 孤注一擲
    • det
      一切的; 全部的 all kinds of people 各種各樣的人 it wasn't bad, all things considered 總的來看,這事還不壞
    • adv.
      完全地 all alone, all on one's own 獨自一人 to be all wet 濕透
    • n.
      一切 to give one's all for sb./sth. 為某人/某事物獻出一切
    • adv
      一直 it was in my pocket all along 它一直在我口袋裡
    • prep
      完全贊成 I'm all for women joining the army 我完全支持婦女參軍
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      all放在定冠詞,指示形容詞,所有格人稱代名詞 之前時,屬修飾語,是形容詞性質。...all its leaves裡的all是用來修飾名詞leaves的,所以屬於形容詞...

    • all 與 both 一問

      John, Paul, and Peter will all come here tomorrow to celebrate Jack’s birthday. These five students... over there are both from Greece. They were all excited. 代名詞both, all 也可放在人稱代名詞的後面,或寫成both/all the...

    • all和both用法拜託請幫忙一下明天要考試了!

      all determiner 1.the whole number of 所有;全部;全體;一切 ■All horses are animals, but not all...全部的,整個的 ■He's worked hard all year. 他一年到頭都在辛勤勞動。 4.the greatest...