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  1. all at once


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    • 1. 突然

      He left all at once. 他突然離開了。

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    • 麻煩您幫我翻譯以下英文的意思.. 所有這一切現在都無關緊要了。 2. 【醫】化膿 2009-08-13 01:42:29 補充: all at once 1. 突然 The storm broke out all at once. 暴風雨突然來臨。 用法...

    • all of a sudden

      ...間他不見了. all at a once = suddenly 這2個可放句首和句尾嗎?? 片語有誤, 應是all at once. all at once, all of a sudden, suddenly這三者意思相同. 同樣是當副詞用, 可以放在...

    • 迪克森(遜)片語

      ... need to speak with my mom first. 首先, 我要先與我媽溝通 2. All at once- The children ran to me all at once. 小孩子們同時...