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    • 1. 全世界 The whale is the largest mammal in all creation. 鯨是全世界最大的哺乳動物。
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    • 奧義書中的一段文

      這只是受詞在前主詞在後的寫法, 如 We go to the beach -- to the beach we go 從新排列就清楚了 Creation all springs from joy; it is sustained by joy; it proceeds toward joy, and it returns to joy.

    • A thing of beauty可以幫我翻譯這首詩嗎??謝

      ...self-destroying transcendence in which he might achieve a blissful personal unity with all creation. 美國詩人 Karl Shapiro 也寫了一首靈感來自 John...

    • 懇請輔大義大利文老師幫我翻此首歌 MATTINATA

      ... rosy fingers, she caresses the multitude of flowers! All around, creation seems stirred by a mysterious shiver; and you do not awaken; and in vain...