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  1. all in

    • ph.
      疲勞的, 筋疲力盡的
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    • 1. 疲勞的, 筋疲力盡的 I was all in at the end of the race. 賽跑結束時我已筋疲力竭。 That was hard work. I'm all in. 那是一件很辛苦的工作, 我已經精疲力竭。


    疲勞的, 筋疲力盡的

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    • all in good time!!

      all in good time ( unhurried ) 從從容容

    • all inall in or nothing何解?

      adidad 的廣告詞all inall in or nothing兩句應作何解? 請釋疑,謝! All in是賭花牌的術語... is "too heavy" for me. Please do not all-in on me...

    • it's all in your head這句是什麼意思

      ...是患者自己疑神疑鬼, 或者得到錯誤的診斷, 而導致病況惡化. It's all in your head在這裡指的是疑神疑鬼.