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  1. all in all

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      從各方面考慮, 從各方面來說;極其重要的
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    • 1. 從各方面考慮, 從各方面來說 All in all it had been a great success. 從各方面來說, 那都是極大的成功。
    • 2. 極其重要的 She is all in all to her parents. 她是她父母的掌上明珠。


    從各方面考慮, 從各方面來說

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    • all inall in or nothing何解?

      adidad 的廣告詞all inall in or nothing兩句應作何解? 請釋疑,謝! All in是賭花牌的術語... is "too heavy" for me. Please do not all-in on me...

    • 英文in sum(總而言之)的用法 sum up, to conclude, in a word, in short, in brief, all in all, in all, to put it in a nutshell, in summary 這些...個人判斷在寫東西的時候選出最合適的。 另外也有人把 in sum and in short 用在一起: "In sum and in short...

    • 英翻中,這句 you’re my all in All的意思

      ...是出自在基督教做禮拜時唱的聖歌之名 歌名:Jesus you're my all in all 用來表示對耶穌的...