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  1. all of sth.

    • ph.
      (指體積、高度、距離等)可能超過, 足足
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. (指體積、高度、距離等)可能超過, 足足

      It was all of two miles to the beach. 離沙灘足足有兩英里。

  2. 知識+

    • make sth out of nothing at all

      ...基於.....的意思. 比如 out of curiosity. making love out of nothing at all 在這首歌的意思是 那個女的是玩玩愛情遊戲而已. 但是...this song to tell the girl he cannot make love out of nothing at all like she does.

    • for all the rest of time是什麼意思

      the rest ( of sth) : the remaining people or .... He's human, like the rest of us. (不要責怪愛麗克絲。他和我們...for all the rest of time 剩下的(所有)時間 / 剩餘...

    • 幾個與do與make有關的片語常搞混

      ...negative sentence with what:-eg:- ---I don't know what I could do with all the good food that's left over. ---What could you do with my umbrella ? (3)make (sth) of sth=eg:- Its important to try and make sth of your life=achieve sth in...