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    • of which? of that?

      ... aware of. 而這句只是把介系詞移到關係代名詞前面 →This is all the information of which I am aware. 但如果關係代名詞前面有介系詞或逗點時 是不可用 that...

    • 高中英文-關係詞

      ...)all of whom(B)all of who(C)all them(D)all of which 答: (A)all of whom, 因為拆成二句時, 空格中是all of them...

    • 高一英文[關係詞]

      ...all of whom b. all of who c. all them d. all of which Ans: A -------------位什麼不能選B...t understand. a. which b.whom c. whose d. of which Ans:D----Why? the meaning...