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  1. all on one's own

    • ph.
      獨自;獨立地, 單獨地
    • 釋義


    • 1. 獨自 I'm all on my own today. 今天我是獨自一人。 She lives all on her own. 她獨自過日子。
    • 2. 獨立地, 單獨地 He can be left to work all on his own. 工作可交給他一個人去做。 Although her father is in the firm she got the job all on her own. 儘管她父親在公司裡, 但她那份工作卻是靠自己得到的。
    • 3. 【口】出色的, 非凡的, 卓越的 When it comes to craftsmanship, Sally is all on her own. 說到手藝, 薩莉是獨一無二的。