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  1. all together

    • ph.
      all in one place or in a group; all at once
  2. 知識+

    • all還要加together嗎?

      ...可能叫你們全班一起離開教室,那他可說 – You all, leave the class all together 老師寫 email 給你們全班同學第一句話,可這樣寫 To all: together 中文...

    • Altogether 和 All together的分別?

      altogether 是副詞; all together 是名詞+修飾詞 根據詞性上的不同, all together可以做主詞, 而altogether不可以...例如: Please invite them altogether. Please invite them all together. (them all = all of them) 雖然意思上有略微的不同, 但基本上可以...


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