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  1. allow

    • IPA[əˈlou]


    • v.
      give (someone) permission to do something;permit (someone) to have (something)
    • verb: allow, 3rd person present: allows, gerund or present participle: allowing, past tense: allowed, past participle: allowed

    • 釋義
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    • ph.
      said when making a polite request or offering help

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[əˈlaʊ]


    • v.
      let (someone) have or do something: the dissident was allowed to leave the country she was allowed a higher profile

    Oxford Dictionary

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      **allow 的用法 allow + noun. allow sb. to do / not to do sth../sb. is allowed to do allow +doing (1) He allowed...使成為可能[O2] The windfall allowed me to buy a house. 這意外之財使...

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      使用allow這個動詞, 要考慮的是主體(S)與客體(O). S: 有允許權者 O: 受管制者 兩者可以同時出現在句子中, 也可以單獨存在. S allow O to-V My father allows me to swim only in the...

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