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    • 1. 考慮到 The journey usually takes six weeks, but you should allow for delays caused by bad weather. 這段旅程通常需時六週, 但你應該把由壞天氣造成的延誤也考慮進去。
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    • 英文問題 allow的用法..

      ...容許有任何延誤。 2. 考慮[(+for)] In working with this cloth, be sure to allow for shrinking. 用這種布縫衣,務必考慮到洗後會縮水。 <...

    • 關於not allowed的英文問題

      Should not allowed for data charge reduction unless buyer had special discussion about...a faster way to do this. 1.Should not allowed 的Should 為何不是用shall,allowed 為什...

    • 請問這句英文的意思?We think these produ

      We think these products will meet your needs and allow for new market expansion. 我們認為那些產品將與你的需要相符 並且可擴展新市場的...