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  1. allow of

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      【文】容許某事物, 對某事物留有餘地
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    • 1. 【文】容許某事物, 對某事物留有餘地 Such conduct allows of no excuse. 這種行為不帶寬恕。 The task is so urgent that it allows of no hesitation. 任務非常緊迫, 不容遲疑。


    【文】容許某事物, 對某事物留有餘地


    「【文】容許某事物, 對某事物留有餘地」的反義字

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    • You should allow of 600 €..英翻中

      You should allow a minimum of 600 euros a month to cover accommodation and basic food costs. 你必須每個月最少準備六百歐元來應付基本的食和住的費用。

    • 英文問題 allow的用法..

      ...他們是對的。 vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb) 1. 容許[(+of)] The situation allows of no delay. 情況不容許有任何延誤。 2. 考慮[(+for)] In working with...

    • 英文單字_allow的正確用法

      ...allowed that she had taken the money. 瑪莉承認她拿了錢. S allow of 純名詞或V-ing [當不及物動詞] The professor is too bossy to...