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  1. alloys

    • alloy的名詞複數
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    • about tin!!!! science!! 20 pt

      ...: 50 uses: Some important tin alloys are: bronze, bell metal, Babbitt metal, die...of the previously common lead–containing alloys in order to eliminate the problems of toxicity ...

    • 翻譯 chalcogenides的中文意思

      chalcogenides: alloy with at least one Group VI element,含元素表第六(VI)族中至少...

    • 作業 幫我看一下 翻起來這樣順嗎?

      5.11.2 銅 Both as an alloying element in alloys such as steels and aluminum... 。 included in the copper-based alloys are brass (copper and zinc),bronze (copper and tin...