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  1. alms

    • KK[ɑmz]
    • DJ[ɑ:mz]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:alms

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • n.
    • 1. 施舍(物),救濟(品);施舍金[M]

      give alms to the poor 賑濟窮人

      alms for the needy 給窮人的救濟品

    • 2. 【廢】好事,善舉


    n. 施捨;捐獻

    • ph. 施捨箱

    • ph. 施捨…,賑濟…

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    • ph. 為…佈施,以賑濟…

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    • ph. 施捨,賑濟,救濟,捐獻

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    • ph. 到處佈施

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    • ph. 乞求施捨

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    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[ɑːmz]



    • npl.
      施捨金; 施捨物
    • to give alms 施捨

      to beg/ask for alms 乞求/請求施捨

  2. 知識+

    • HAND的用法

      ...out; to give out; to hand round 施捨 → to give to the poor; to hand out; to give alms to the poor 賑 → to relieve; to aid; to hand out alms HAND ON...

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      ...’ happiness with cheer in mind. To help the needed with alms-giving in mind. http://dictionary...

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      ... fohn OR foehn wind 8.守喪: keep vigil beside the coffin 9.佈施 give alms 10.衣缽 :pocket