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  1. along with

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    • 1. 和...一道 We must have sth. to eat along with rice. 我們必須有些東西和米飯一起吃。
    • 2. 除某事物以外 Tobacco is taxed in most countries, along with alcohol. 除酒之外, 菸草在多數國家都要徵稅。



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    • along with??along with

      along with是「片語介系詞」(phrasal preposition) and是...者的用法和意思均不同 You use along with to mention someone or something else that ...11 23:13:08 補充: He went along with her. I sent the book...

    • along with和as well as用法(急!!)

      A+ | along with | +B (+Va) A以及B(重點在A) -->... you or Mary is a teacher. 3. 插入語(along with, together with, as well as)形式 因為是插入語,所以不影響作答...

    • along with 當 除了某物之外 可放句首嗎?

      >>along with可當 除了某物之外 along with 並沒有{除了某物} 的意思啊 主要意思是: 1...著...在(身上) 1.1.和{某人}...在一起: Jane went to the concert along with David. Jane 和 David 一起去音樂會。 1.2.和{某物...