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  1. already

    • IPA[ˌôlˈredē]


    • adv.
      before or by now or the time in question;as surprisingly soon or early as this
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    • ph.
      used to indicate unwillingness to tolerate any more of something undesirable

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ɔːlˈrɛdi]


    • adv.
      before or by now or the time in question: Anna has suffered a great deal already

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • already

      already是副詞,「已經」的意思。這是一般的副詞,不但可以搭配be動詞構成的句子...構成的句子。至於動詞的時態,就要看句子要表達的意思是什麼。常見文法書說 already 要加完成式,但現實上各種可能性都有: 1. 原形(助動詞+V, to+V...

    • 想請問有關have been+pp 跟already

      ...。 再來看其他問題。 [想請問have been +pp 跟already意思一樣嗎?] 不一樣。 have been +pp 是完成式被動...." "The worst has already passed." "The worst has...

    • already該放在本例句的哪個地方才正確 ?

      1. She had already been married for ten years when she met him. 2, ...已常見, 第二句就像格林童話中也有: This wife had been already married, 參閱: