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  1. altitude illness


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    • 高原症的英文

      ...人到了  2438 公尺的高度都沒有問題,但過了這個高度,便有機會患上高山病 (Altitude Illness)

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯專業英文句子?(急)

      ...and the absolute altitude are primary determinants of the incidence of altitude illness. 高山症的發生主要是由上升的速率及絕對的海拔高度判定。 Those...

    • 英文作文!幫幫忙找個靈感~~

      ..., and it also can add our vital capacity. But, if you have altitude illness, I don't suggest you to do it. In addition this, how about ride the bicycle...