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  1. among others


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    • among others與pronuciation

      ..., and weakness in the legs, among others." 請問本句的among others = and... Carolina and Tennessee , among others. (幾乎所有的運動選手都從一些學校拿到獎學金...

    • 請問among other things?

      among other things 是片語:除了別的以外 比方說某一個人除了別的事以外,還談了有關環保問題 He, among other things, talked about the environmental protection issues. 請參考

    • 一句英文文法

      版主, 你是對的, 我可以斬釘截鐵的指出這個are是錯的, 應是is才對. Among others who have indicated that Jackson may have been using...