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    • 請問among這個介係詞是啥意思

      ...群山中的村庄 相關詞組: among the hill在群山中 among the rest在其中;其他等等的 among the living在人世間 among other thing在其他所有事物之中 among the missing下落不明 among...

    • 兩題英文介係詞問題

      ...between an individual and a skill : boxing was the only sport I was any good at | he is...一起 D.from 從2.He was happy to live among his classmates again.又能跟同班同學住...

    • 急! Edward Thomas的作品”Rain”

      ...就是反義詞。 like a cold water 是續 Solitary-孤獨(的自己),helpless among the living and the dead-在死人與活人(或生與死,痛苦與憐憫-either in pain or thus in sympathy...