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    • 1. 總計為 The bill amounted to $75. 帳單的金額總數為七十五元。
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    • A- Z 開頭的片語

      A:amount to 達到 My saving has amounted to $500... is very good and it is difficult for me to catch up with him. 湯姆的英文很棒,我要追上他太難了...

    • The amount faster is given什麼意思

      .... The amount: 主詞 faster: fast 比較級, adj. 修飾 The amount to give: to manifest or show ( is given: 被動式...

    • 請用英文amount of 造句?(急)

      ...make a sentence) 2.the same thing here; "do NOT use LITTLE AMOUNT to make a sentence 3.the same thing here 大家眼睛沒有瞎.... Study more, ok...