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  1. amount to the same thing


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    • 請用英文amount of 造句?(急)

      ...make a sentence) 2.the same thing here; "do NOT use LITTLE AMOUNT to make a sentence 3.the same thing here 大家眼睛沒有瞎.... Study more, ok!? 2005-10-27 21:10:50 補充...

    • at a time 和at the same time?

      ... use at a time after an amount to say how many things or how much of something She ran for the staircase and down the steps...happen, or are true at the same time, they exist, happen, or ...

    • 求英文單字的解釋(英文高手請進); time,state or scene of human existence; peole or things belonging to the same class sphere of activity; everything; material things and occupations; huge amount 2.wink(眨眼) (v) blink one's eye as a signal; shine with a light that ...