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  1. amplifying

    • amplify的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 什麼是hitched to ?

      ...您参考一下 原文 The danger comes when concerns are amplified or imagined, and hitched to Mahanite prescriptions...

    • 請問.. significantly...這個副詞

      請參考: A good antenna can amplify a radio signal significantly. Significantly 明顯地,顯著地 adv. in an important manner, with significance; meaningfully 其他意義:意味深長地; 值得注目地

    • PCR 聽力 可以幫忙聽一聽 寫一寫嗎??

      ...any organs and these analysis will be impossible without the ability to amplify or make huge numbers of copies of the DNA, PCR ...