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  1. amusement park


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    • 想問個英文單字的介系詞用法??

      Mishaps at amusement parks may put some nagging doubts into the minds...是指這整個遊樂園在整個地球或國家中的哪個位置,例如是amusement park in the United States 如果把我在美國的...

    • amusement與entertainment有什麼不同

      ...字義上並無差別 只是習慣上的用法與否 我們會講Amusement Park(遊樂園) 但不會講 Entertainment Park...消遣方式。 They often sing for their own amusement. 他們常常唱歌自娛。

    • 關於IAAPA

      ... Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions 國際遊樂園及景點... that cover topics important to the amusement park and attractions industry. IAAPA...