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  1. an accomplished fact

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    • 請高手修改此篇英文作文 ~~

      ...something beyond our jobs for which we want to chase and accomplish in our lives. Furthermore, life-long ... his promise to make rural electrification, along with an enhanced social economy.

    • 超急...英文翻譯中文!!!

      1介紹因为有在年長人口的增量,咬合重建是重要從生活水平患者角度看。 使用牙插入物,為了完成此, osseointegration應該 完成及時地和一次完成,它應該是維護為越久越好。 并且,儘快達到成熟骨頭高度誠實在治療以後患者是非常重要的。 实际上,然而,經常需要很长时间達到是相同的...

    • 中翻英 ((藍色的遠方讀書介紹

      ...little boy’s help, Harry finally accomplished his wills. In fact, reading this book doesn’t bring... me that death is just an end of life, and it’s a new start...