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    • 懷念, 感恩祖先的英文

      像標題一樣 懷念祖先及感恩祖先的英文. 謝謝 =)I oweto my ancestors what I am today and I am very much grateful to my...

    • 英文範文!!!!

      ...tradition in Jinmen, when bride and bridegroom want to enter the hall and visit the ancestor, parents will is it come down to dismantle two gate, horizontal in in front...

    • 請問這些文言文的英文翻譯...

      ...the old law of family. Depend on our deep emotion with ancestor, please bless our family, as well as the melon's steam to spread...shadow of tree. 2004-12-09 23:27:54 補充: 我是把它翻成白話再翻英文的,不過不知道對不對