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      也, 包括, 而且
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    • 1. 也, 包括, 而且 The wind blew everything off the table, tablecloth and all. 風把桌子上的所有東西連桌布都吹掉了。
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    • words and all

      ... are my words and all.我所能說的話..(全部)就只有這些了. 2009-09-06 05:07:48 補充: 4.電影"...

    • Death and all his friends.

      ... I don't want to follow death and all of his friends 我不要跟隨死神 圖片參考:

    • And All I Got Was This Lousy X

      我不知道這話的起源. 至於為什麼變的這麼popular, 我想大概是這用法很好笑, 而且幽默中又帶一點無奈吧?