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  1. stuff and nonsense

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    • 1. 【舊】【口】(用以駁斥對方的觀點)胡說八道 Stuff and nonsense! You don't know what you're talking about. 胡說八道!你說得太不像話了。
    • ph.
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    • 請問在這個句子的\”stuff\”意思是?

      ...out in the garden. He makes me weed and stuff. 「我在外面的園子裡可花很多時間了,他老讓我去 all kinds of sports goods and stuff like that. 「這家店專賣各種運動器材,還有其他類似...

    • We try to speak about it at

      ...認為應是如下意思: event 指項目、事件 stuff 指材料、物質 at events and stuff 指 要談論的 "it "之大小事項,意即要仔細的談論 it。 We try...

    • circus

      ...but i suppose circus gives people laughter and stuff.. you know. entertainment like the amazing...some kids for not seeing it anymore and you can just keep on adding some stuff thats related to it. 2008-05...