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    • 1. 等等 I'm not an artist but I love paintings, sculptures and that. 我不是個藝術家, 但是我喜歡畫和雕塑品等等。
    • 2. 而且 He finished the work, and that in only a few hours. 他完成了工作, 而且只用了幾個小時。



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    • 英文文法what and that

      ...without you 只有天知道我沒有你會變成什麼樣子? God only knows that i would be live without you 只有天知道我沒有你會活不下去! 3.God only...

    • About constructed and that

      ...部分也可像你所寫的加上 which was 但 也可不必 guarded compound that 在這裡應該是翻成"以致於"或是"因此"(其他人最終讓他成為...

    • and that if 是什麼東東

      ... Rowley on what to do if we ever got busted , and that if we both just denied everything, we'd be OK. 句型分析:在介詞...