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  1. and the like

    • ph.
      and similar things; et cetera
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    • ph.
      and similar things; et cetera

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • the like和其他英文片語應用

      and the like: "諸多同類的" 也就翻成中文的"等等"是一個片語,慣用語,通常... loves fast food such as cheese burgers, french fries, and the like. John喜愛速食像起斯漢堡,薯條,等諸如此類的東西. Have a blast...

    • and the like ” 可以怎麼造句?

      I spend all my free time reading magazines, novels, short stories ,and the like.

    • 幫英文翻譯。不要翻譯軟體翻的喔

      ... with stickers , games , and the like to exemplify family feelings and interactions...10.Introduce a future genogram; where does the family want to be next year , year after ? 介紹未來的環境...