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  1. angered

    • anger的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • anger, get angry

      If something angers you, it makes you feel angry. The decision to allow more offshore oil ...boy's disobedience angered his father. He was greatly angered at her behavior. anger也可當名詞 in great anger =(很)生氣 to be ...

    • take one's anger out 該怎麼解釋?

      ...! take it out on原本片語的it,在版主發問的文章裏換成了their anger,整句變成take their anger out on,片語本身意思沒變,是在說「把他們...

    • anger,rage,fury,indignant之不同

      anger 是常用詞, 強烈的程度不定, 有時也可以不露出來, 如:  Though he felt his anger mounting, he kept perfect control of himself.  雖然他覺得越來越...