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  1. angry

    • KK[ˋæŋgrɪ]
    • DJ[ˋæŋgri]


    • adj.
    • 比較級: angrier  最高級: angriest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
    • 1. 發怒的,生氣的[(+at/with/about)]

      The old woman often gets angry about trivial things. 老太太常因瑣屑小事發火。

      The professor was angry at John for cheating in the exam. 教授對約翰考試作弊十分氣惱。

    • 2. 因為……而生氣[+that][+to-v]

      He'll be angry to find that nothing has been done. 看到什麼也沒有做,他準會生氣。

    • 3. (天氣,風浪等)險惡的;狂暴的

      She was frightened by the angry sea. 海上的驚濤駭浪嚇壞了她。

    • 4. (傷口)發炎的;疼痛的

      It's an angry wound. 那傷口發炎了。

    • angry的形容詞比較級

    • angry的形容詞最高級

    • adj. 表情憤怒的

    • ph. 因...而生氣

    • He was angry with his younger brother. 他跟他的弟弟生了氣。

    • ph. 因...而生氣

    • I was angry at his slipshod work. 我對他草率的工作感到生氣。

    • ph. 爭吵; 爭論

    • They exchanged angry words before the meeting but were finally persuaded to agree. 他們在會議前爭吵起來, 經勸說最後言歸於好。

    • ph. 對...感到憤怒

    • Don't be angry about trifles. 不要為小事發怒。

    • ph. 憤怒的青年(尤指知識分子, 因強烈不滿現實的道德、社會、政治等觀念, 力圖通過寫作等方式鼓動人民大眾奮起反抗進行改革)

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    • IPA[ˈæŋgri]



    • adj.
    • to be angry at or with sb. 生某人的氣

      to be angry at or about sth./doing sth. 為某事/做某事而生氣

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