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  1. animal spirits

    • plural
      natural exuberance
    • noun: animal spirit, plural noun: animal spirits

    • 釋義


    • 1. natural exuberance the over-elaborate system of import licensing has had a dampening effect on the animal spirits of entrepreneurs
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      動物精神(animal spirits)也被翻譯成血氣或者活力等等,查了許多經典的文獻...是不夠的,還必須啟動第二套工作,也就是恢復動物精神(animal spirits),恢復消費者、企業與銀行業的信心,只有他們的信心恢復...

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      ...she'll be super busy (taking care for her family) ,and she'll be lack of animal spirits gradually,and then finally she'll feel empty & she doesn't like to do antything she...

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