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  1. annual ring


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    • 幫忙翻譯8句英文(不用一次翻完,只翻譯其中幾句也可以)

      ... of the price today but still more than the average annual income--poachers had laid siege help authorities crack open poaching rings.回過頭來,Mogiya人也同意協助相關單位打擊其他...

    • 關於the story of an honor

      ... promotion is holding it's annual Final Battle event. The promotion...afternoon with mostly new talent and one at night, featuring Ring of Honor show then a split show featuring...

    • 請問英文語句中的謬誤:Fallacy?

      ...的方面。 例:He may be involved in a crime ring, but he's a honor student.(你認為他是好孩子,所以不可能... in Cocoplum indicates that the annual income for a Miami resident is $1000000. (光憑...