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  1. annuals

    • annual的名詞複數
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    • Annual Leave translation

      Both are incorrect. The better suggestion: I would like to have half day off every Friday in order to clear my annual leave.

    • annual leave

      Annual leave must used in the current year can be carried over up to the end of Dec. of the sebsequent year. (每)年內須用完的有薪年假(若未用完)可纍積至(最遲)來年的12月底.

    • 這句英文我不是很了解[to annual ...]

      ... years he has abide by a commitment to annual employee raises.      (1...承諾。 2006-05-09 16:33:12 補充: 訂正:與後面的"annual"是沒有關係的 2006-05-11 13:21:14 補充: Re...