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  1. annuluses

    • annulus的名詞複數
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    • (急)求醫學檢查內容..英翻中

      ...心臟超音波的報告 Echo超音波 Conclusion 結論是 Mitral annulus anlus and aortic valve calcification 僧帽環與主動脈瓣鈣化 Inferior...

    • 英文高手~請幫忙翻譯一下~

      ... on pool boiling heat transfer in a vertical annulus, the location of the holes 調查旁邊流入孔的地點的... a general characteristic of pool boiling in the annulus with closed bottoms. As the ...

    • 翻譯醫護術語 急急急

      ...the aortic valve leaflets appear thickened or sclerotic. the aortic annulus is calcified. hypokinesia of apex. the ejection fraction of left ventricular...