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  1. answer

    • IPA[ˈɑːnsə]


    • n.
      a thing that is said, written, or done as a reaction to a question, statement, or situation;a thing written or said in reaction to a question in a test or quiz
    • v.
      say or write something as a reaction to someone or something;provide the required response to (a question in a test or quiz)
    • verb: answer, 3rd person present: answers, gerund or present participle: answering, past tense: answered, past participle: answered

    • noun: answer, plural noun: answers

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    • answer?respond?

      No wander Melon dude cannot ANSWER to my challenge to race my Yugo against...名詞 與 及物動, 2. 詞意:(只比較動詞使用) 2a) answer當及物動+直接受詞時 幾乎與respond to差不多 但是answer...

    • answer 授與動詞

      1. Mary answered Ted's question to him.Mary answered...就沒有必要受詞與受詞所有格並用的。只有Mary answered Ted’s question.是正確的2. A. Please...

    • Answer me,please.

      ...是一門很科學的語言,您提的問題要看當時的情境為何,再來提問會比較好。 Answer me,please跟Please answer me.都不建議用,因為都屬命令口氣...