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    • 1. 符合 Does the result answer to their expectations? 結果符合他們的期望嗎?
    • 2. 對...負責 I'll answer to your mother for your safety. 我要就你的安全對你母親負責。 Who do you answer to in your new job? 你做的新工作要向誰負責?
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    • answer?respond?

      No wander Melon dude cannot ANSWER to my challenge to race my Yugo against...大的差別: 它就是報告 負責的意思 例: I answer (only) to the president of the USA. = 我(只)向美總負責...

    • Choose the best answer to ...

      一.Choose the best answer to complete the statements or answer the questions below. 請選擇最正確...最早開始慶祝這個節日是在...(哪一年) 3. This celebration allows you to _____. 慶祝方式允許你可以...(整人) a. kick your friends in the behind...

    • answer與reply的分別 很急 20點唷!!!~~~

      ...有兩個用法 (verb和noun) reply verb/rɪˈplaɪ/ [I]•to answer 《回答问题》[+ speech] "Where are yougoing... promised to give a written answer to theMP's detailed question. 《...