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    • 1. 迅速回答 When I asked questions, they answered up in chorus. 我提問題時, 他們迅速齊聲回答。
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    • up to的例句

      He can speak up to seven languages. You can answer up to ten questions in a day. The ball flies all the way across, up to the boundary of the golf course.

    • 中翻英[請勿使用翻譯軟體]

      I often call you, but you never answer (pick up) the phone! I often call you <=我常打給你 I have ...

    • please answering the questions

      1.I wear a superman dressing to dress up . ( such as a witch dressing and a turtle dressing... looked very amusing. (( The answer is a sheer fabrication , because I do not know what...