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  1. antagonisms

    • antagonism的名詞複數
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    • ㄧ英文句子的翻譯

      (這個句子出於一篇關於兒子對文盲爸爸遭到刁難因而爆掉的故事,對嗎?) 翻譯: 每踏一步, 我對那個店員和那整家店的敵意也隨之升高. antagonism: hostility, 敵意 establishment: a store, a company, an organization,etc. 商店, 公司, 機構 mount: (vi) increase, 增加

    • 幫忙翻譯一下幾個詞(英)

      殺氣 murderous atmosphere furious look very severe appearance chilling appearance 敵意 enmity hostility antagonism 無名 the unknown 無名氏 Mr. Anonymous 無名作家 an anonymous writer an unknown writer 無名英雄 an unsung hero the unknown soldier

    • Is Cosby a Modern Racist?

      ..., or qualities specific to each race. 2. discrimination against or antagonism towards other races. therefore, only from the excerpt that you included...