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  1. antique clothing

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    • Describe a map you would make.

      ... of . the excellent shops sold the goods such as jewelry, antiques, . . clothes, as well as several snacks eating foods for .the vistors...

    • 幫我翻譯一篇英文文章

      ...junk at some garage sales-you know. used clothes and kids’ toys,But sometimes,you... -for a great price!I have some beautiful antiques.One is a small table from the 1920s. ...

    • 有關線上網拍裡的英文單字可否列出說明.

      ...線上網拍的英文單字,就舉例「eBay」好了 Antiques-古董 Books-書籍 Business &... & PDAs-手機、通訊產品 Clothing, Shoes & Accessories-服裝、鞋...